That’s what you like to hear, the Pixies sounding scuffed, feral and very, very loose. This scab picking slab of skewed howling hillbilly blues comes dragged kicking and screaming from an Autumn pencilled full length ‘head carrier’ and finds the Pixies acutely licking their wounds and chomping at the bit following disappointing notices for their comeback set ‘indie cindy’. A back to basics bad boy ‘um chagga lagga’ that has the kind of scuzzy surf appeal that used to glue itself to the grooves of Estrus platters of yore while simultaneously coming across like a smacked around the head dragster scowling Ministry. Artwork by the legendary Vaughan Oliver with an indie dealer special arriving replete with a slipmat, could this be ‘doolittle II’ – guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Here’s a laid version recorded for Rolling Stone…..

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