beyond the wizards sleeve

Scrumptiously tasty turntableness from Beyond the Wizards Sleeve whose new set ‘the soft bounce’ we are actually now kicking ourselves for not picking up yesterday when we were out battling with rain, more rain and plenty of rain, and there’s me optimistically decked out in a surfing t-shirt, could have done with a board to navigate the rivers of precipitation. Still while everything else seems to be falling apart at the seams as this once fine nation fractures into comedic chaos its always refreshing to know that you can depend on the great British Summer to be predictably unpredictable. Ah, where were we. Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, new single ‘creation’ – a bit of a dandy this ‘un, featuring guest vocals from Jane Weaver and Hannah Peel all set upon a sexily smoking 60’s cosmic tropicalia bossa-nova shimmering that beams feel good radiance much like the type that reminds us ever so much of an ‘emperor tomato ketchup’ era Stereolab as were getting all very ‘Hair’ / the fifth dimension styled ‘Age of Aquarius’ – a positive blighter to rid your headspace of once its laid its seductive sonic seeds…..

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