in darkness there is light

The memory and the to do list have gotten so bad around these here parts that we’ve had to recently invest in a white board in our gaff for the purpose of scribbling notes and reminders of stuff we need to hear, have promised to review or indeed, just fancy a nose of. Trouble is, we maybe should have invested in several of the blighters given we’d filled the first within five minutes of hooking it up to the wall space we had specially set out as its home. Anyway among the numerous names of labels, artists, PR emails and occasional web site addresses we’ve fallen over, Arell have long been promised a space in our much laboured and stretched time schedules with which to sit with their releases, the latest of which being, judging by the teaser excerpt currently being broadcast on their bandcamp page, an excellent cosmic odyssey crafted out by in darkness there is light. Entitled ‘scan line transmit delay’. A thirty-minute sonic spacewalk encompassing both the beauty and wonder of the galactic plains spliced together and peppered by an immeasurable sense of isolation both serene and sinister, for here amid the euphoric pulsar fanfares the fanciful notion of the incalculable unknown teeters between the contrasting feeling of fascination and dread.

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