electronic oddities podcast #13

Blimey, find a podcast we actually like and think ‘hey that’s right up our listening street’ and the blighters go and announce its their last – well for now at least. So now here we are rummaging around looking for the other twelve, mindful that this may well be another sleepless night. ‘electronic oddities’ podcast – this ominous being #13 – is as it says on the tin lid – a journey into the electronic sound outlands, a near two-hour odyssey populated largely by sound alchemists and aural experimenters who’ve previously managed to shy away from our listening radar, a set that pretty much caters for all your kosmiche, drone, technoid and ambient needs, among the ear picks the deeply serene celestial isolationism of Iceman Bob’s enigmatic ‘darkness theory’. There’s no denying that behind the banks of synth hardware, Ian Haygreen hides an intuitive prog mindset for ‘relaxing in the sun’ is a gem like noodling head tripper trimmed in a vintage detailing that has you imagining Gong dude Steve Hillage sporting his System 7 hat impishly recalibrating Tangerine Dream nuggets and wiring bastardised Moroder / Oldfield grooves to their template. Those fancying their head space shroomed in all manner of Wagon Christ space walking trippiness might do well to relocate to the floor cutting chill tipped cool of Owen J’s ‘060908’ while admirers of sounds best experienced from the relative yet mistaken safety afforded from behind the sofa might dare to venture into the ever darkening sonic temple of DODSRIGE’s despair laden sonic black hole that is the forbidding and brooding light sucking dark star ‘poisto’. Elsewhere there’s the exquisitely frail and fragile lunar hymnal that is Scott Lawler’s bittersweet ‘titania’ finding itself marooned and ghosted upon solemn symphonic spectrals emitting love noted distress sirens from a long forgotten and lost satellite. I’m quite certain we’ve happened across oscillopeisia in previous despatches, I mean you don’t forget a name like that, ‘orbis 3’ very much tracks and charters a sound space once upon a time free-falled by the likes of Cheju and the Boltfish crew once upon a time in the not so long dim past. Darren J Horgan no doubt a keen admirer of both ‘blade runner’ and ‘the terminator’ soundtracks manages to fuse both into a heady motorik dystopian future vision. https://www.mixcloud.com/DrExistenz/electronic-oddities-podcast-episode-13/


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