severed heads

Frankly sublime and certainly the most essential listening experience in planet pop right this very moment, now shall we agree to say that there is tripping and that there is out there, well this goes that one step beyond. In short if Powell and Pressburger had set their collective minds to sound rather than vision, this would be it. Pressed upon old school slabs of shellac acetate, there’s a limited quantity available to purchase which are really an eye catching must have acquisition alas I fear the cost of shipping and their fragile nature bar us from ordering our own copy – darn. Anyhow this is Severed Heads and one side of a twin set heading out of the BUGHLT stable, ‘beautiful Arabic surface’ be its name (mentions for the flip come later in the week) – a truly full on immersive aural experience, its initial greeting moments an imagining of the micro minimalist murmurs of the Silver Apples set upon an as were hypno grooving subliminal messaging service, however stay with it for this soon elevates into ethereal environs, the shimmering pulsar tones silvered in blissful corteges of sepia tweaked dream draped ghost lights have the effect of venturing beyond the veil, the haloing crackle of celestial chorals casting an almost monochromatic wonderland of fracturing Disney-esque kaleidoscopia. Quite something else.   

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