fruits de mer summer festivities….

Forthcoming Fruits de Mer goodies looming on the not so far off horizon. To celebrate their late summer gathering in Cardigan in early August, the Fruits de Mer psychedelic circus lays anchor for three days of festivities for ‘the 14th dream of Dr Sardonicus’ festival. As ever the event will be marked by the usual giving of gifts and availability of super limited FdM pressings for the attending punters. Among the goodies for gratis a three disc gathering of sounds whose track list boasts the following…..


Aethereal – Walking Away 6.44

Fast Cars – Mindset 4:37

Stay – Last Time 4:49

Sons of MOD – Lovebyrds (A Ballad For Malachi) 4:43

The Luck Of Eden Hall – The Happiness Vending Machine 4:10

Vibravoid – Get Out Of Here 4:15

Mystic Brew – Yesterday’s Sky 4:26

Karovas Milkshake – Purple Sun Of Glastonbury 7:30

The Seventh Ring of Saturn – Burning A Hole 4:30

Topos Locos – Madelina Valentina 3:58

The Honey Pot – Butterfly Ride 3:40

Mark and the Clouds – Take My Sky 5:00

Permanent Clear Light – Iris Murray 5:50

The Telephones – Hummingbyrd live 6:23


Ax Genlich and Sunhair – Spaceship Memory 8:40

Inna Pivars & The Histriones – Erotic 1.50

Sendelica – Set The Controls for The Heart Of The Buddha live 6:54

Inna Pivars & The Histriones – Lyrical Theme 3.00

Cosmic Fields – Velvets and the Moon 7:30

Inna Pivars & The Histriones – Accident 0.50

Jay Tausig – Extensions Of Infinity 13:56

Inna Pivars & The Histriones – Night In Arles 1.26

Future Wizards 15:31

Inna Pivars & The Histriones – Finale/Two Labyrinths of the Two Tsars (Full Version) 2.37

Simfonica – Hekla 13.37


Rob Gould – The Shimmering Mountain 3.15

Ash Magna – Mandala 4.13

The Gold Needles Surfing the Night Wave – 2.19

Paisley Sky – Kosmic Kool 4:10

Casual Strangers – Holocene Dream 3.55

The Cats Never Sleep – Vishnou 1:46

Cold Bath – Dune 6:41

Colin Harper – Steven Kindler 2:37

Claudio Cataldi – Snails 2:35

It’s Frantic – Got 2 8:00

Suspirium – The Probabilities Of Balance 6.39

Julie’s Haircut – Gabbro (reprise) – 4.39

Black Tempest – Into Stillness 5:06

Consterdine – Hundertwasser Nebula – 4.43

Undone – Elastic Venus 5:17

David CW Briggs – Don’t Take My Mind Girl 3:39

Blue Giant Zeta Puppies – The Colossus 3.34  

And here’s a teaser taste of one of the many tracks up for grabs – is it just me or do the flotillas of driving psychedelic shimmered riffs on Fast Cars’ ‘mindset’ possess a delightfully passing nod to a ‘flowers’ era Will Bunnymen Sergeant, just me then, anyhow this honey is a bit of trip turning on slab of strange folk kaleidoscopia oozed in all manner of eastern accents and fringe parting mystics of the type that join the invisible dots that link the Honey Pot and Jefferson Airplane.  

As if that wasn’t enough head phonic groove to melt the mind, there is the addition of four strictly limited lathes up for grabs in varying sizes of 5, 7 and 8 inches – among the side sparing face off’s the Gold Needles sharing groove space with the Cats never sleep – we’ve featured the latter in passing previously, however the former a Willerby based power pop combo can be sampled via their Reverbnation space at – we strongly suggest you fall head long into the shyly retiring folds of ‘surfing the night wave’ which by our reckoning has something of a retiring Church sparring with the Clientele about its wares. Elsewhere Aethereal go head to head with the Sons of Mod with the formers cut ‘walking away’ being previewed here – a bit of a lysergic dandy adorned in shades, floppy fringes and mind expanding powers phoning in, as were, lost happenings from a late 60’s call box. Lathe number three features Insektlife Cycle sharing the honours with Cold Bath whose ‘Dune’ found here is a moment set aside reclining beneath a shade as the drifting flotillas of sky pattern forming siren shimmies chime their honey cut chorus lines occasioned momentarily by Mountain-esque fractures. Lathe 4 is a mystery disc details to be revealed at the festival event.


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