Back to Fruits de Mer, though only briefly, for those of you with keen eyed talents might well have noticed the appearance of an as yet, details bereft, ultra-limited – 100 copies to be precise – archive recording by Sendelica who incidentally have a limited repressing through sunhair of an album that appeared in blink and it was gone quantities of CD way back in 2011 on their own label no less entitled – what for it – deep pause for breath – ‘the pavilion of magic and the trials of the seven surviving elohim’. Available in all manner of colourful editions variously on wax, CD and digital all bolstered by a plethora of additional cuts that missed the first edition, from which we’ve opted to recommend the dreamy ‘Arizona Spree’ – the glockenspiel version of course, what else were you expecting, a mystical visitation both transfixing and mildly trippy that manages to fuse and colour the dots between a blissfully out of it Grails and a quite serenely mellowed Goblin albeit as were as though both had collaborated to work together on some lost and recently unearthed Krzysztof Komeda score. Need I say more.

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