wil bolton

Many happy returns to Mr Wil Bolton who celebrated his birthday recently by cobbling out a three track set for the Audio Gourmet label. And while you might think that was a bit of a flippant introduction to ‘Lichen’ let’s be fair about this and arrange matters into some kind of perspective, for sound alchemist Bolton is without doubt a rare talent whose intuitive grasp and technique in the ambient, neo classicism and soundtrack mediums blends and bends sound beyond the normal boundaries to finitely hone upon mood, atmosphere and space to a most delicate and detailed effect. ‘parchment’ greets entry to ‘lichen’ and finds Bolton in safe familiar surroundings, utilising an expansive micro sound palette, this sepia shaded ghost light courts a lilting intimacy both beautifully bruised and mournfully momentary, a sonic firefly aglow in cascading ricochets of miniature euphoric eruptions whose briefly burnt bright courtship sweetly fades to a dim forlorn nothingness. Bliss.  https://audiogourmet.bandcamp.com/album/lichen

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