active listener sampler #42…preview..

Look I promise hand on heart, no crossed fingers or any of that nonsense, that we will revisit this when time permits, possibly over the coming weekend, but this is the latest newly peeled product of Active Listener with sampler #42. As ever up to the impeccable high standard of sonic groovineess and weird ear wooziness that we’ve come to love and expect. Familiar names are all over this like a rash, among the 16 gathering turntable taste making in the shape of aural attractions from the likes of Gilligan smiles, the myrrors, the love explosion, Michael warren and grey malkin, junkboy et al……however, more from them at that promised near later date. For now, we eyed a new thing from the Tara Experiment, the creeping curio that is the aptly named ‘twilight’ emerges shadow formed from out of the mistily interweaving parallel time / dimension fractures upon which the Wizards Tell Lies frequent as a playground, a mesmeric mysterio tracing the footprints of Keith Seatman at play crafting sinister peek-a-boo lullabies for the sleepless spirit-walkers patrolling the spatial corridors between reality and dream. Fairly certain we haven’t had the pleasure of Drakkar Nowhere thus far, ‘higher now’ offers a quite sublime trip-a-delic collage indelibly rooted in the late 60’s all oozed in a succulently funky jazz lounge grooving that could easily be the work of a collective super group of compositional talent made up of Schifrin, Mancini and Budd out cooling the loved up hippy set of the day by cooking up a seductively tropicalic ‘Hair’-esque love in, especially of interest to those of you much admiring of the Superimposers I’d hasten to add.  

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