lake ruth

Many apologies to both Lake Ruth and the Great Pop Supplement, for the formers quite stunning debut full length ‘Actual Entity’ should have well featured long ago in these pages where it not for the fact that we momentarily lost the sound files down the laptops equivalent of the back of the sofa. Still, its arriving – promise. For now, a pretty thing you’ll find seductively staring from the grooves is ‘one night as I lay on my bed’. A traditional ‘night visiting’ ode sourced primarily from a version stumbled upon by the trio via Shirley Collins’ ‘Adieu to old England’ – an utterly enchanting floral posy sighed in a demurring mystic folk pageantry all eloquently and elegantly whispered in a willowy wonderment softly spoken in a desire laden and yearning spectral tongue whose wooing nocturnal enchantment echoes of the beguiled sensual beauty found drifting longingly amid Giovanni / Magnet’s ‘wicker man’ soundtrack.  

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