North Sea Radio Orchestra

Now I really wish I could share this sound cloud link with you, if only to illustrate the peculiarly eccentric class of the North Sea Radio Orchestra. It’s been a while since they troubled these pages but hopefully a new album might be in the offing for household mark, for now though console thyself with the inquisitively creative ‘the British road’ which all things being well should arrive in download domain in the first stirrings of August time. As the press release so rightly points out – in the main distilling elements of Vaughan-Williams and Robert Wyatt, North Sea Radio Orchestra are an unusual amalgam of talent whose chamber compositions have inherited the key to a secret Britain courtesy of an investiture of sonic mosaics schooled in both orchestrated classicism and the ways of the Canterbury folk scene, their craft immeasurably beautiful and lulling, ‘the British Road’ incorporates psych folk idiosyncrasies to its charming palette as it chuffs and puffs steam engine styled through the picturesque rural highways of Britain’s backwaters flavoured with a sense of spring hued momentum unto which elements of Douglas Gamley, William D Drake, Oddfellows Casino and Seeland doff their collective caps as it tootles and chortles by.    

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