the gold needles / the cats never sleep

as long promised, over the course of the evening we will be dropping in the occasional mention for three lathe cuts currently being prepped for acquisition by those rushing first up to Fruits de Mer pop up stall at the forthcoming ‘14th dream of Dr Sardonicus’ festival……many thanks as ever to Keith for hot footing over early call promos……

first up and available on the third day of the Festival – that’ll be the 7th August if I’ve got my dates right, a limited 50 only 5-inch lathe pairing together on opposite sides of the groove space – the Gold Needles and Swiss based collective the Cats Never Sleep. the offspring of Moloko+ by all accounts, who will – with quick reference to the labels forthcoming release schedule – be fondly paid tribute to by way of an ultra-limited lathe release shortly before the year end; the Gold Needles serve up ‘first sunrise’ a gorgeously reclining and lolloping moment in the sun tenderly courted in the affectionate lilt of cantering riff jigs embraced with a misty eyed moonshine grooving free spiriting the kind of wide open rustic airiness that hints of a kinship with Dan Haywood’s New Hawks. Over on the flip wait the cats never sleep serving up ‘vishnou’ – an immense though sadly, all to brief, galactic growler rampaging riff red through the kind of big beardy heads down boog-a-loo that had us here imagining 70’s overlords Mountain in a kind of ‘Space 1999’ styled TV action themed cosmic duel with those far out sci-fi twang dudes Man…or Astro Man.  

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