the insektlife cycle / cold bath

lathe number 2 in the 14th dream of Dr Sardonicus festival trio of limited lathes – we say three, but by all accounts there is a fourth due for announcement during the festivities – so far no amount of arm twisting is prising the details from Keith FdM alas. Anyhow lathe 2 is a double header pitching Philippines based collective the Insektlife Cycle on one side with Swiss combo Cold Bath occupying the flip. I’m guessing blessed with a title like ‘schizodelia’ that you might be getting a clue what the Insektlife Cycle sounds like without actually hearing it, these dudes craft a feel good radiant palette combined of elements of post / math rock interspersed and invested with subtle shoegaze shimmer tones who dreamily hazy riff needlework is touched with the adoring spirit of the Church albeit relocated or perhaps marooned on some idyllic sun spot located in the south seas cooking up sky signing slices of serene seduction. as to Cold Bath, briefly mention in despatches just a few days ago, ‘Dune’ is more of your high end ear candy chiming dream demurred post rock purring tuned to the kind of blissful sky siren haloing that once upon a time used to be the trademark tender touch of the much missed Workhouse.  

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