aethereal / the sons of mod

third and final shot of lathe cut psychedelic wig-flip- ness that’ll be greeting attendees of the forthcoming ‘14th dream of Dr Sardonicus’ festivities hosted by those FdM heads features a double heading late 60’s love in with Britain’s the Sons of Mod and America’s Aethereal sharing the credits and plaudits. ‘walking away’ is Aethereal’s side of the bargain, a gorgeously served flashing of feel good lysergic effervescence whose woozy hypnotic threading of trip wiring spirals and coolly flicked shade adorned strut smoulders might easily be the most happening thing we’ve had gracing our hi-fi-delic sound player this year since both the Cult of Free Love and telstar sound drone dropped their debuting platters and blew our minds. As to the Sons of the Mod, those thinking that ‘lovebyrds (a ballad for malachi)’ was therefore merely around just to fill the platter side, think again, for this gem is a sublimely smoked slice of willowy west coast loveliness trimmed in honeyed harmonies and the affectionate breezy bliss kiss of out of it riff dissipates which as the title might cutely hint sounds like a particular dreamy Buffalo Springfield super chilled and partially stoned on the sonic vibes of the Byrds.

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