urusei yatsura

not sure whether this is officially out, I swear I’ve seen a listing with some kind of limited release gubbins. anyhow these last weeks or three, our gaff has been tingling to the sound of Urusei Yatsura, brought on notably by the arrival of promo copies of a forthcoming BBC sessions set being put out by Rocket Girl entitled ‘you are my Urusei Yatsura’ which is set to land in September on neon pink wax. these rapscallions ran appreciably roughshod across an indie landscape blighted by the hysteria or should that be hysterics of the burdening and boring Brit pop tag and the constant weekly music press cries of ‘your new favourite band’ front covers like the kiss of death being hung around the necks of any guitar carrying quartet just happening to pass by. Urusei Yatsura were exceptions to the rule, straight out of the Thurston Moore school of fan first band second, they were loveably awkward suffered like most from spots, shyness and all the tribulations that modern day teen hood and life in general heavily weighs and yet were proud for it. yet it was the sound of Uresei Yatsura that forged their lasting repute – all at once angular, awkward, at times anti-pop, it was an amalgam of teen thrilled effervescence and the joy of the moment, little geeky love notes grooved in scuffed and skewed bubble pop blisters – ‘phasers on stun’ being a primarily example freefalling between the fracture lines separating Sonic Youth and the Lemonheads in comic book nerd love shock. And so here with a two track teaser that culls together two cuts from this hugely essential archive gathering placing the aforementioned ‘phasers on stun’ on opposites sides of the chart bothering ‘hello tiger’ itself circling with the acute razor like incision of an Ash / Bis / Pixies face off.  

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