ian hunter and the rant band

‘ullo, what’s this then, I’m back in my ma’s house, foil wallpaper with swirly patterns and geometric shapes, the suns shining, it always did, my ears are hugging the red Phillips transistor radio, its 1972, there’s a familiar friend playing on the radio, its smokes casually to a glam twinkling. then the image fades, I’m back in the present, the songs the same, still a familiar friend, its Ian Hunter. ‘Dandy’ pulled from his forthcoming set ‘fingers crossed’ sounds as though its stepped straight out of ’72, a homage to the late Mr Bowie fashioned cleverly and, most importantly affectionately, something that gets under the very skin of the chameleonic one, all his foibles, quirks and mannerisms shoehorned into a sub 5 minute platform heeled, Freddy Buretti designer wearing Max Factor tearfully fond celebratory signature.

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