the FreqDesign

As promised earlier, back with those Polytechnic Youth folk, this being the lead side of a strictly limited – 123 copies to be precise – lathe 7 inch from FreqDesign which we believe, is right at this moment being intricately cut by hand by those nice people at 3.45rpm ready for delivery to the label in time for doors opening on orders tomorrow evening. ’in the lab’ is a lunar trip back to a silver age space pop time, an era draped in future looking dreams of wonder guided along by the dawn of the Apollo missions choreographed as were by sounds from the infancy of analogue electronics. like a solitary space station orbiting the galactic aeons, ‘in the lab’ opens to the softly delicate bathing of a radiant solar sun rise that imagines Dewey from ‘silent running’ alone tending to his Eden dome whilst in his down time tapping out wish you were here notes to a lost home amid a celestial waltzing tryst of ISAN and Magnetaphone types re-crafting a starry slo-mo rendition of ‘telstar’ for the ‘sailing by’ set. absolutely blissful.

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