Do Daddy Tank do emails, if so I reckon they must have sneaked this one under the covers when we weren’t looking. Out this very moment this is the quite superb 6.9hz and a sampler selection from their ‘broken state’ set which furiously fuses drum n’ bass and break beat cut ups with strains of neo classical symphonics and ghost light electronics, the effect is quite fetching crafting what might best be described as sepia recollections in a futuristic age which border on moments of estranged chorals and monochrome abstract classicism being retuned in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, without doubt admirers of Louis and Bebe Baron not to mention Wendy Carlos, yet reared on an overtly obsessive Aphex Twin sonic diet and a curious appreciation for Bernard Herrmann albeit as re-focused through the lenses of Wagon Christ, 70 Gwen Party and John Carpenter.  https://soundcloud.com/daddy-tank-records/69-hz-the-broken-state-clip-track

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