florian von ameln

next up, two quite excellent releases from the eilean recording house, first up ‘rvvr’ from Florian Von Ameln, the album excerpt herein revealing the kind of ear for intricate melodic detailing that brings swifts comparisons to both David A Jaycock and Wil Bolton. With an unnerving knack of applying a mood skin in constant flux, ‘rvver’ keeps throwing you off balance, always hopping on the back foot as though pulling you in to its dissolving dreamscape, for these sleepy headed charges come sculptured with a stilled elegance that veer from vintage slices of opining lunar carousels and fog bound twilight visitations to strangely alluring and hypnotic primitive folk lullabies not to mention fracturing sepia scorched slices of discordant distress calls and ghostly ethereal manifestations.  https://soundcloud.com/eilean_rec/florian-von-ameln-rvvr-album-preview

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