the 14th dream of Dr Sardonicus – day 2

day 2’s selection found tucked amid the grooves of your 14th dream of Dr Sardonicus compilation CD (day 3 comes later in the week) is your more post rock / prog populated affair, or for the so inclined among you, what we used to refer to certain review sections of ancients texts contained in Ptolemaic Terrascope as the bonged out section of the event. By and large, this volume finds its track list pretty much dominated by Inna Pivars and the Histriones and unsurprisingly sounding like a recently unearthed lost Floyd album – more about that in a moment. five featured visitations from Inna Pivars and the Histriones, all taken from an unpronounceable film soundtrack from 2014 and all cooled variously in vintage mood mosaics that range from the suave noir lounge of the Mancini like ‘lyrical theme’, the eerily hallucinogenic ‘accident’, the hazily trippy 60’s styled eastern spy noir ‘night in Arles’ to the snaking desert dry spiritual that be ‘finale / two labyrinths of the two czars’ the latter of which I must admit ought to appeal first port of call to those much admiring the missing in action of late Preterite. Ax Genlich and Sunhair open proceedings with the space stoner groover ‘spaceship memory’ which had I not known better might well have taken it for an alternate suite cut from the ‘wish you were here’ sessions, damn fine stuff that’s very out there and mellow, almost a slo-mo Sendelica oozed in mind expansive mushroom murmurs. Talking of Sendelica and er – Floyd – the woozy Welsh wizards drop a tab or three and get very far out and wiggy in a mammoth Ozric Tentacles mind morphing way with a seven-minute astral ride via ‘set the controls for the heart of the Buddha’, an absolute freak pill that finds them at the altar of the mighty and dare we say, oft overlooked, embryo albeit here having brought along for the ride their stash of brainticket groove. it goes without saying that Jay Tausig knows his way around the prog cosmos, the space freaky star child delivering the 14 minute colossus that is ‘extensions of infinity’ which aside being a mighty fried head trip guaranteeing the adoption of a beard by its close, is also tooled and trimmed in the kind of stoned out bliss cruised oblivion whose wigged out astral riffmanship turns minds to mush like no other. staying in the Floyd cosmos, Cosmic Fields’ ‘velvets and the moon’ from their self-titled le pop club released full length is an epic lunar overture piped in all manner of twang toned bliss kissed choral codas and late 60’s Elektra infused trippy kaleidoscopia which amid its 7 and a half minute visitation manages to shoehorn a terraforming sonic palette worthy of comparison with the mighty Grails. next up, previously unknown to us, from the future wizards and the zap archive whose name alone might give hint as to what lurks here, loosen headspaces with on this sub 16 minute work-out entitled ‘untitled’ appear to noodle about creating a mellowing little jazz kraut palette before without a by your leave abruptly pushing through the gears and going all interstellar in a heads down no nonsense cosmic boogie type way headlong into a galactic inferno chased at blurring speeds by all manner of space sirens to culture something that links the hands of mountain and hawkwind not to mention modern day scallywags Mugstar. riding us back to reality, Simfonica are tasked with bringing matters to a close with ‘hekla’ – the keen eyed among you might note that this track comes culled from a set so far unreleased entitled ‘song of the volcanoes’ which isn’t the point only the fact that it comes located from the home of Trevor Midgley / Beau, which begs the question, why hasn’t it been released because from what we hear, this cosmic cruiser cooled in minimalist pulsars ghosts between the finite divides that exist between post-apocalyptic drone (I’m thinking the Arell and cathedral transmission imprints principally) and hyperreal trance tones, the latter the type of which once upon a time ventured by Sonic Boom in his dream machine dinking EAR alter ego, whatever the case its effectively dispatched with an unnervingly simplistic detached mournful aura that’s certainly worthy of further investigation..     

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