scott william urquhart

you might remember in the not long dim dark past, us mentioning a CD sent ahead by those Fruits de Mer folk by a chap of the name Scott William Urquhart. A most alluring release that featured honed between the grooves, a musician schooled in the vintage ways of a certain John Fahey. Well he’s back again, this time a four track treat entitled ‘September’ which finds him hazily marooned in sun scorched prairie alcoves intricately finger threading a guitar playing artistry whose mellowing folk blues draws from a deep musical well whereupon swim the aforementioned Fahey and fallen masters of the blues art such as Blind Willie McTell and Fred McDowell, that same sunny southern drawl coming to free spirit on the deliciously airy ‘drumochter pass’ with its phrased curvatures delicately needling a lulling lazy eyed lilt to the listening proceedings. That said the bitter sweet minor inflections on opener ‘down with death’ have a solitary concentrate of Nick Drake about its detailing while long time admirers of David A Jaycock will do well to be blissfully swooned by the lights fading end of the day restfulness of the rustically rhymed ‘Wren’. All said, and don’t you find its always the case, it’s the parting shot ‘September Sky’ that tugged at our ear lobes, set upon magic and wonder it purrs to a mountain folk underpinning picturesque setting that views, in the company of a gathering crowd of nature woodland patrons, the last cheer of the summer sun before the arrival of autumn’s shadow. In short, bliss. The CD comes packed inside FdM goodie bags being given to all who venture the forthcoming ‘14th dream of dr sardonicus’ festivities.   

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