the 14th dream of dr sardonicus – day 3

Back with the day 3 shenanigans contained therein on FdM’s specially curated third freebie for the forthcoming ‘the 14th dream of Dr Sardonicus’ festivities. This listening event gathers together 17 tracks from folk both familiar and not so familiar to the fruits de mer fraternity. Again another well-heeled rummage through pop’s progressive psych backwaters that opens to the panoramic beauty of the alluring majesty’ by Rob Gould (out of sight just at this moment I’m fairly certain there’s a CD by Mr Gould in the hulking goody bag of sonic gifts) that is the shimmering mountain’ which comes crystal tipped and caressed in all manner of bliss fused Floyd-ian cosmic pastorals. Next up, a spot of mind dissolving magic carpet flying bliss kissed mystically lazy eyed groove from Ash Magna with the delectably dream weaving ‘mandala’, a kind of meditative eastern tweaked mantra brought to bear by shimmering cascades of riff rolling cascades, quite serene stuff if you ask me. Think we may have mentioned this un in passing in a previous posting, not the cut gracing their specially cut festive lathe side with the cats never sleep, this instead being ‘surfing the night waves’ which by these well-worn ears has something of the Durutti Column about its wares albeit had Mr Reilly shimmied up to say the much missed beatglider and sennen for a spot of chill toned noodling. Those preferring their sounds lushly speckled in flute flottillas and the kind of head expanding Gong-ish tripadelics oft ventured by those happy hippies the Ozrics Tentacles might do well to seek out paisley sky damn dandy ‘kosmic kool’ while the aforementioned the Cats never sleep’s lathe side offering ‘vashnou’ gets a deserved ‘earing – still sounds to us like a hulking beard forming Mountain doing wigged out 70’s TV sci-fi soundscapes in the vague likeness of Space 1999.  Talking of lathe releases, cold bath’s forthcoming split with insektlife cycle entitled ‘dune’ should tug at the lobes of those much missing the mighty Workhouse, a wonderfully crafted slice of post rock classicism swallow diving into the majestic hazes of the Grails at their most mellowed and mercurial. Up next cosmic strangers stump up ‘holocene dream’ – an astral cruise controlled head tripper best experienced by the rolling up of a fat one in order to fully enhance a listening spectacle spirited away in out there Zerra 1 retooling the Enid mosaics. I’m probably wrong, but do I detect the wigged out wooziness of a youthful Bevis Frond flavouring the sound scapes of Market Square records resident Colin Harper’s rustic ‘Steven Kindler’. Oft much admired around these parts, a moment of tranquillity is deemed appropriate by Claudio Cataldi on the beautifully bracing sun teased finger plucked delicacy that is the entrancing ‘snails’ while the Owl Service with beats ‘got’ by Frantic trips a finite line that teeters to nods to Tunng on one side and Dark Captain Light Captain on t’other with a healthy side serving of working for a nuclear free city added to the proceedings for good measure. Much deserving of closer inspection by our reckoning are Suspirium whose ‘the probabilities of balance’ is a welcomed set sitting sore thumb – cosmic dub demurred in down tempo grooves under noir lighting which had recalling a subdued Mirror Mirror in cahoots with lounge purveyors Discordia. Regular visitors to these pages, though not as often as we’d prefer, Julie’s Haircut set their radars for the heavens with the twinkle toned motorik murmurrring ‘gabbro’ a pulsing pretty trimmed in starry swoons which for the second time tonight had us much in mind of cosmic super group Fly. Must admit that we here are more than a little taken with Black Tempest’s ‘into stillness’ – a fringe ruffling voyage into the depths of the inner mind for what is a blissfully kooky kosmiche kaleidoscopic dream drift, kind of Tangerine Dream after a session on what Gong smoke.  There’ll be more Consterdine shortly, in a day or three, that I can guarsantee for now though ‘hundertwasse nebula’ from the former Sendelica man is a beautifully lulling lunar carousel, a Meek murmured ‘telstar’ on failing emergency power resources tooting out to the voids lovelorn waltzing orbitals in homage to kraftwerk albeit recalibrated in the likeness of la dusseldorf. Undone with ‘elastic venus’ – my oh my, what can I say, one of those Bang Bang Machine moments I’m afraid, once heard always adored, no doubt fully paid up members of the My Bloody Valentine fan club and something that ought to appeal first and foremost to those among you still pining the much missed Insect Guide and the Clerks. Just gets better, now along comes David CW Briggs making a late bid for best moment of the set with ‘don’t take my mind girl’ – one I feel for those of you shsade adorning afficianados of Cheval Sombre. Last but not least, drawing close on this excellent three disc soiree Blue Giant Zeta Puppies step up to the plate with ‘the colossus’ – a howling slab of twang trimmed groove-a-rella tuned into b-movie space spaghetti western alien invading transmissions and spy noir 60’s shadow plays, does it for us.       


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1 Response to the 14th dream of dr sardonicus – day 3

  1. Tony Osborne says:

    Hey Mark … thanks for the ‘Suspirium’ mention 🙂
    Quite a few CDs on ‘Bandcamp’ and ‘Discogs’ … if you want to investigate further!

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