bedroom cassette masters sampler

Been a while since we had a chance to delve into the strange sound worlds that is the bedroom cassette masters. Now up to Volume 8, these imagined compilations come grooved by lost recordings cobbled together by potting shed dwelling future sound enthusiasts culturing icy minimalist primitive electronic tones the type of which you’ll find gracing the waxen lines of releases by the Weird and Polytechnic Youth imprint. To whet appetites, its creators have gathered together a sampler shoehorned in the sounds of yesterday crafted upon vintage synthesisers fired to life by an assortment of purists and flea market perusing boffins subscribing to home radio assembly magazines who watch TV through the valve crackling glow of a monochrome Betamax haze. Amid this 20 minute collage and beneath the shadow forming dystopian chill of the cold war mosaics and post punk wastelands, analogue electronics first dance steps are prized out for posterity along with the occasional demur of lunar carousels, industrial mutations, binary bops and the aloof pose of the new romantic cool.

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