emerging through the hyperreal haze and just out on the polytechnic youth imprint in a 300 only splatter vinyl edition, the latest opus from polypores. ‘the fialka transmissions’finds the Polypores one extrapolating from an ever widening spectrum of sound to craft a palette heavily imbued in mood and texture, yet something that sonically reaches out into terrains both minimalistically familiar (the cold war paranoia of the sinister siren strobe lit ‘the room where the tests are carried out’) and style wise unfamiliar in so much as its fortified and found freewheeling in the sub strata sound cultures of late 90’s techno / dance / ambience nodding more occasionally to the likes of Orbital and Plaid albeit as though relocated in the vintage wilderness of landscapes populated by the a year in the country collective. The press release makes reference to scores for imagined sci-fi flicks daubed in Italo disco grooves whose motorik distancing hints of cinematic delights by John Carpenter, a point that can’t be ignored given that both ‘the cabal’ and opening salvo ‘ominous calm’ originate from a place lost to time and the prserve of the cult of the grain and hiss of VHS, the latter mentioned to that effect assuming the kind of cosmedilic curvatures one might expect to find adoring releases bearing Zombi plates. Somewhere else the seductive allure of ‘handshake in the dark’ comes adored in a softly basked low lit noir tipped symphonia purred to slick down tempo treads whilst the pulsing sine waves frequenting the sparsely toned symettery of ‘patrician’ are bolted upon a shadowlined wires and whirrs mindset one might find tracing the more isolationist facets of an Orbital / Biosphere back catalogue. Those with a thing for celestial oceanics might do well to view through protective lenses the briefly beautiful passing lullaby lilt that is ‘fialka’ while best thing here, though sadly all to brief, the parting ‘non person’ is a mysteriously melancholic slice of baroque kosmiche.

The Fialka Transmissions

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