you the night and the music / the dream machine


Latest transmissions from both the you, the night and the music collective and the dreammachine academy goes all analogue electronica with a deliciously retro head phonic journey that takes you back for an hour long vintage trip to a pre computerised age living in the lengthening shadow of nuclear catastrophe yet dreamed in the dawn of space missions, star watching and the innocent hope in futures to come. First up the dream machine broadcast entitled ‘music for schools’ is a mellowing and demurring affair heavily populated in playful posies of starry serenades and orbital opines chirpily chimed from arcane crystal sets and flea market finds. These waltzing lullabies twinkle and toot all the time tuned to a yesterday sound, amid this vintage ghostly musical box of lost information film idents, Open University themes and loungey elevator kitsch futuristic salutes from Concretism, the overload, the very wonderful Plone, bibio and the Twelve hour foundation rub shoulders with the likes of Boards of Canada and the mournfully beautiful neo classiscism of Astral Sounds, between this and that there’s the metronomic industrial grind of Dabrye running in sharp contrast to the summer long caress of hong kong in the sixties who I must admit might well be the missing link joining Stereolab and the Left Banke while somewhere else ‘the changes suite’ by Radiophonic Workshop-er Paddy Kingsland does as it says on the tin lid splintering into a myriad of moods that at various turns fuse and dissolve to incorporate eastern dialects, transcendenral pastorals, regal triumphals and oriental motifs to such head turning effect whilst fellow room 101 occupant Delia Derbyshire briefly appears with the cutely kooky and gloopy glitch groovy ‘mattachin’. As to the you, the night and the music broadcast, #185 as it happens, so apologies on being absent thus far, that said a head melting everything of sonic relevance around and out now into a humungous hi fidelity spin dryer featuring some nifty brain frying psychedelic skronk from imps Anthroprophh entitled ‘farce without end’ which is guaranteed to have you in need of a new set of earlobes given that this cosmic skree sortie will burn the blighters straight from the head within the first minute of activity alone. Elsewhere the inclusion of several releases we’ve mentioned in recent missives – time attendant, penamint manse, polymer cities, a current lovely from the freqdesign, grey frequency, something from the quite essential freaks for food banks compilation and that rather excellent revisiting of ‘lucifer sam’ by Michael warren and grey malkin, along with tracks from a new folklore tapes 10 inch which we will be mentioning in greater detail at a later point, some funky kosmiche from Betrand Mathiesen and if your up for it, some weird ear funkiness from the – we suspect – not altogether with the plan – jumble hole clough whose bizarrely becoming ‘I reached into the chimney and pulled out a sewing machine’ is, unless our ears do deceive, something you’d imagine jona lewie and gary Wilson cobbling together under the watchful eye of quantum jump. Elsewhere strange occurances from the weird world of the heartwiood institute – look tell you what stop reading start listening…….

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