pull the plug #289

The tara experiment also pop up on the latest skeddadled transmission from pull the plug via resonance FM, the last show for the season as it happens, the Tara ones stepping in with the oddly disorientating dream draped mysterio ‘twilight’ which I’m fairly certain we’ve mentioned in previous dispatches and something which ought to find an appreciable ear for those desperately trying to imagine what a meeting of Keith Seatman and Midwich Youth Club types would sound like had they the keys to an exiled on earth Pertwee era Tardis. The show comes bookended by a brace of psych soaked slabs the entrance being Will Z’s woozily shimmer toning kaleidoscopic gemstone that is ‘a new mirrored you’ while the Myrrors hazily glazed hypno groover ‘liberty is in the street’ takes you far out and gone. Bewtween both points a fair smattering of polytechnic youth related grooviness with righteous plays for the DAF meets SPK by way of Minty seduction that is Detox Twins’ ‘Einhorn Suicide’ and XYZips Cabaret Voltaire-ish ‘cosey and warm’ from the current ‘they make no say’ compilation while sister label Deep Distance plays host to the wonderful Listening Center’s Delia-phonic ‘focus movement’ while recent featurettes around here, the heartwood institute, do spooky funk like no one else on the bizarrely becoming Plaid-esque ‘diagrid’. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-28th-july-2016/

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