rob gould

One-time member of Ashtar, Fula and the excellently named the Amazing Kamikaze Freak Show, to name just three, Rob Gould’s musical career spans some four decades with recent appearances variously covering Floyd, the Beatles and Mr Bowie ensuring his place in the Fruits de Mer extended family. Inside your Dr Sardonicus take home bag, in among the oodles of CD freebies, you’ll find tucked away ‘unearthly constructions’ – a specially collated four track ‘best of’ of sorts that finds Mr Gould revisiting and rephrasing a quartet of nuggets plucked from his considerable back catalogue anew. Non returning home shy of the 16-minute mark, this remarkable gathering of cinematics orchestrations is a journey into the sublime for here an amorphous galaxy of sound unfolds to which elements of ambience, progressive motifs, cosmic rock cultures, psychedelic trip-a-delics and classicist arrangements forge a far away dream draped symphonia turned in the moodist facets of the turbulent, the beautiful and the transcendental and whose depth of panoramic detailing and the close observance of the minutiae of structure, flow and effect is emboldened by the spirit of Tangerine Dream. None more so is the case than on the epic overture that is ‘the great wall rebuilt’, an updated retelling of a track found originally appearing on his 2005 opus ‘China’, daubed in cosmic raptures and ethereal wisps all heavily threaded in Floyd era ‘wish you were here’ overtones, this ghost like Eastern mantra undergoes what can only be best described as a rebirth as the delicately dimpled crystalline textures weave anew amid shimmer tones of bliss kissed celestial harmonics, it really is out there not to mention a humbling experience and something well worth taking the time to freefall into with wild careless abandon.    

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