senji niban

Ah the much loved Bearsuit imprint, now I’m sure we’re a little light on a new Harold Nono set which right after this we will be asking politely for downloads, but for now chugging down the line at a fiercesome pace a split event between the Moth Poets – who I’m sure we’ve mentioned in previous footnotes – and Senji Niban for a forthcoming outing called ‘live at the river lounge’. Up to their impeccable standard in sharing with listening communities oddly mishappen oddities from the weird ear spectrum, the latters ‘klankpi’ is a deliriously skittish affair of frenetically quick tempoed Dadaist groove whose frantic vintage crookedness freewheels around the shadowy overgrown edges of the current hauntologist / cold war electronica scenes want for 70’s kitsch retro with its mutant art bop minimalist electro etchings sounding not unlike some sound lab experiment engaged upon by a studio tinkering of ideas between Thomas Dolby and the Tom Tom Club all mischieviously skewed into schizoid states by a sneakily impish Flying Lizards.  

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