mega dodo mix / brinsley schwarz

Hell’s teeth it’s all go in the Mega Dodo record factory of late, no sooner despatching the latest Octopus Syng long player upon a swooning and admiring populace, they’ve sneaked out a little slice of head turning grooviness from the luck of the eden hall as well as an archive, first time pressing no less, of Big Grunt’s one and only Peel session while coming down the line a planned book and CD from Brinsley Schwarz – more about that in a second. For now, head honcho rummages through his record collection to cobble together another mix cloud musical delight, this one leaning towards something of an easy listening tilt featuring a host of known and much loved souls among the roll call wreckless eric, 10cc, George Harrison and tiny tim all gather among this time travelling transistor tune maker with prized moments going to set opener Souther Culture on the Skids whose nifty twang-a-rella a go go is a wet dream for those dreamily imagining a head to head between shadowy men on a shadowy planet and the great dick dale. Those of you thinking ‘pheonix night’s smaltzy bingo hall bossanova of Jerry St Clair was pure comic invention might well want to check out ted chippington quite surreally kitchy ‘she loves you’ – am I right in saying I might have heard on the grapevine of new stuff to come via Iron Man records.

Anyhow we mentioned news of a Brinsley scwarz cd and book set arriving soon, October to be precise should see a tome about pub rock’s finest titled ‘happy doing what we’re doing’ hitting the book shelves, the book features a gathering of lost and forgotten interviews with the band and co-incides with the release on the newly set up mega dodo imprint Vogon of a CD entitled ‘live favourites’ which may well be the compact disc version of a vinyl set released last year in minimist numbers of a show recorded way back in ’74 in Cardiff.  

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