urusei yatsura

look i know we’ve mentioned this previously, once or twice, but we do get concerned that some folk just don’t get the message. Arriving soon on limited slabs of neon pink wax via the ever cool Rocket Girl, an album chock full of rare BBC sessions from the adored Urusei Yatsura entitled ‘you are my urusei yatsura’ pays homage to these skewed and skewif Scottish Sonic Youth-ey types with the lovable sore thumb ‘phasers on stun’ being sent ahead to ruffle your fringes and give the now generation a lesson in the serving up of astutely acute abrasive candy pop, the finest two minutes of Scottish shimmying since some blighter hit upon the idea of giving the Kenny of Dalglish a ball.  https://soundcloud.com/rocketgirl/sets/phasers-on-stun-urusei-yatsura

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