the lucid dream

My oh my, prime time head expanding groove that’s sure to get the favourable nod from the shade adorned psych cognoscenti and into the bargain up the ante several notches in terms of the laying down of the gauntlet at the feet of their peers. This is the colossal herald summoning the return to the fray of the Lucid Dream, a new album – their third – due for turntable turn on next month entitled ‘compulsion songs’ via holy you are recordings from which ‘I’m a star in my own right’ has been sent on ahead to swoon the masses and frazzle headspaces. In short a mammoth and majestic monolithic mantra acutely cut and woven into a full on 8-minute trip-a-delic tapestry sourced from dub dazed arabesque snake charms spirited away in a soft psych wooziness traced out of murmuring bliss kissed timeless tongues. ‘nuff said.

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