Elvis was an ever present in our gaff when we were kids, not in the flesh you understand, my mam might well have swooned herself to expiration had he been. Earliest memories are ‘rock n’ roll 2’ being played every Sunday lunch time while my mam waited for the Sunday roast to charcoal, I swear that record had been played so many times that it was thin to the point of being near transparent. The sleeve was dog earned, it had been loved and played to the point of near destruction from rickety dansettes (powder blue in colour) to an even ricketier (it was I’m sure) Bush music system whose turntable to stylus interplay was so fragile that the exhaling of breath often caused the stereo to jump in an indignant glare as though to say ‘have you quite finished’. As the years passed ‘the wonder of you’ and ‘burning love’ were replaced in the affections of my mam, Elvis’ earlier raw stuff was substituted for the more mature jumpsuit cabaret set list of the Vegas years and when he died, I suspect a little of her died with him, that connection to her youth gone forever, I swear if martians had landed and whisked away me and our kid at the time, she would never have noticed (or cared). A bleak outing in New Brighton followed the next day, it was miserable, me and our kid invisible as my mum punctuated the playing of Donna Summer on the jukebox with selections of Presley favourites from happier times, I almost hated ‘way down’ with a passion.  in no particular order of preference, relevance or favouritism – to mark the Memphis Flash’s anniversary – five moments of greatness……

RIP Elvis……..

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