goes without saying that any Beatles butchering is sure to get our immediate attention especially when it’s rendered detuned, some what dislocated and utterly goofy, so its with heartfelt thanks to Weaves for brokering a dare I say, adorably crooked and twisted recital of the floppy fringed fourseome’s ‘help’ and into the bargain removing all trace of its excitable tra la la perkiness and instead locking it up beneath the stairs to cower and tremble. Rapscallions that they are, there’s an impish dumbness waywardly working amid these wonky grooves as it drunkenly bashes, stumbles, lurches and scuffs desperately to its broken close, the skewing riffs clanging abjectly and morosely all slovenly groaning beneath the end of its tether vocals themselves caught between resignation and boredom. That said forget the initial shock of its bent out of shape irregularity and what soon emerges is a well worked, albeit skewed and off set nugget that perhaps brings into closer definition the feeling of being all out at sea, me personally I’m am frantically cobbling up a list of other potential covers for them to retune / detune if only to irk those with a sense of humour by pass.   https://soundcloud.com/weavesmusic/weaves-help-beatles-cover/  

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