here’s something of a decidedly sore thumb, all at once crooked and off centre, there’s a thing of beauty stumbling wearily out of the wonky fog on Mauno’s ‘benny’ that hints of a collective mindset who’ve adoringly gathered to wile away lost nights pouring over a curious musical cocktail of Animal Collective, Tuung, Woods and goodnight lenin platters with one creative ear tuned to west coast afterglows and another of their number ostensibly lazy eyed and reclining to stoned out slacker musings. From out of this odd genre dividing arrangement ‘benny’ ambles with a lilting caress drawing to its smoking mercurial mosaic a wayward weave of hymnal campfire ghosts, soft psych wooziness, sultrily suntanned trippy overtures and just plain old drop dead ear candy loveliness. An album ‘rough master’ looms in the near distance via tin angel.   

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