yellow6 with David Newlyn

Another of those limited edition Cathedral Transmissions sorties that appear / disappear in the blink of an eye, this one – a double disc set featuring Jon Atwood / Yellow6 and David Newlyn. Now regular observers and visitors to these pages have no need of reminding that we here have a fondness for the sounds of Yellow6, considered around these here parts as one of the truly great exponents and craftsmen of atmospheric sound sculpturing. To be brief, the genesis of ‘burn again’ begins earlier in the year with the recording of ‘burn’, ever the perfectionist and feeling the the track did not quite encapsulate the sought after mood and effect Y6 was non to enamoured by the results and set revisiting the track as ‘burn again’. However, both purity ancd perfection are nagging mistresses and soon Y6 found himself recutting the same track utilising a host of differing guitars in an attempt to capture that errant mood and feel. Fearing sleepless nights as the obsessiveness ate away the resulting cues where sent to the Cathedral Transmissions dudes to pick over and choose, from those tapes the CT head honcho began a process of working these sonic still life portraits into an extended and fluid shape shifting collage. Typically restrained, Y6’s softly woven craft is cooled and expressed by the study of a melancholic micro analysed moment, a fleeting vision frozen, stretched and enhanced, beneath the somewhat remote pose a fading beauty opines caressfully spirited in ambient lilts, it really is quite majestic. For his part of the bargain, Mr Newlyn adores the mix with a beautifully bruised celestial toning that as were, colours the punctuating pauses on the original mixes, serving to soften and dull the sorrowed motifs and ghost it in a translucent radiance.        

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