mark harris and john 3:16

Long time no hear, between you and me I’m suspecting we’ve been hotfooted off their mailing list, ah well. New thing from the folk over at little crackd rabbit records for this be a collaborative set that pairs the talents of Mark Harris and John 3:16 entitled ‘victory over the sun’ – the track on preview being ‘vortex’ finds itself sounding typically as though it be ripped from the very biblical scriptures found within the book of revelations. All at once panoramic, grand and majesterial, its impacted by a doomy countenance from which emerges this softly turning shimmer burn end game overture. Blooded by a twisted sense of serene finality and tension it imagines fallen empires collapsing beneath the haloing of fire scarred skies, from all compass points a mysterious calm descends as celestial spiritwalkers roam and wander the apocalyptic wastelands cleansing all touched by the fleeting ghosting of their visitation as they harvest the lost souls by way of their payment and prize. In our book – brutally beautiful.

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1 Response to mark harris and john 3:16

  1. Rudy Carrera says:

    As usual, I’m finding about about some real gems I managed to let slip through the cracks. Thanks much for these wonderful posts!

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