cranium pie

there was a little brief flurry of activity at Fruits de Mer towers following the mind morphing antics of their acclaimed recent Dr Sardonicus festival what with a limited CD repress of their Record Collector curated ‘plankton’ compilation of long out of print selections from the labels first year of releases, plus there where posters – all now adorning our walls and framed to boot, a limited stash of postcards featuring aborted sleeve designs and a smattering of recently unearthed ‘the geometry of thistles’ sets, the debut album from 2011 by merry pranksters Cranium Pie. These babies now come housed in the legendary, and dare we say, much sought after fake Korean and Japanese variants – see link below for full explanation / history and availability – recorded before their critically adored and head expanding opus ‘mechanisms pt 1’, ‘the geometry of thistles’ reveals a lighter and more playful side to the Cranium Pie persona (if you ever needed further evidence – check out the kookily wonky seaside kaleidoscopia of ‘granny’s wall’ which brings down the curtain on the set), still fried, wayward and somewhat, not so much missing, but in search of a plot, it provides for a curious tumble into the surreal and absurd realms of progressive psychedelia as it invites you to leave reality at the door in order to embark on its mind fracturing woozy trip dipped journey. Oozed in spectral folk visions shimmered in stoned out hallucinogenic hazes, the slow ghosting opening title track guides you gently into their senses dissolving amorphous sound world before a brief detour into the halls of the softly alluring regal floral posy that is ‘master of mystery’ while the slightly disorientating ‘rememberred’ twinkles with an impish oddness that imagines a union of the Grails, mirror mirror and giant paw gathered for a ceremonial mystic induction under the watchful all seeing eye of Psychic TV. If at this point reference markers are still required, then its to a richly woven tapestry which once unfurled reveals at various points the ghosts of Syd Barrett, Gong, Floyd, soft machine and most notably the ozric tentacles all looming and lurking as inspirational sonic spirits the latter of whom are readily called to mind on the sub 12 -minute headtrip that is ‘trawlermen / there it is’ albeit here as though they’ve been drop kicked into consciousness dissipating dreamland of the Beatles’ blue meanies.  Frazzled but freakishly fun.

the back story to the release…..

there’s a very rare interview here – English translation to the bottom of the page.

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