mega dodo podcast

Arriving like London buses these days, a very quick mention for these given that we’ve managed to temporarily mislay an email giving us a heads up on the latest release happenings imminent on the mega dodo imprint, fear not folks we will nail the errant missive and be back later no doubt. For now, by way of small recompense here’s two nifty mix cloud sets cobbled together by label head honcho Mr Blaney – a tuned in uber cool roll call of punch you out power pop pretties (flaming groovies drop dead killer ‘shake some action’), mod-tastic groove (The Keys ‘hello, hello’), vintage psych (third bardo ‘I’m 5 years ahead of my time’), surferama (evan johns and the h bombs ‘hey woo’), lost gems (the attractions ‘slow patience’) and that’s just show #5. Show #6 opens to Dick Dale’s ‘let’s go trippin’ a cut that used to open up Mr Peel’s Saturday morning social ‘home truths’ – from therein it’s all well heeled garage beat / soul with platters from sir douglas quintet, the stairs’ gem like LA’s-esque ‘weed bus’, the trashmen., some groovily twanged cool cuts from Dave Vanian’s extra curricula Damned combo the phantom chords, a little bit of essential Dr Feelgood and wrapping matters up with a smoking Carl Perkins ‘put your cat clothes on’…..

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