the NoMen

okay i’ll put my hands up in admitting that for now, we have mislaid that NoMen CD which came shoehorned into the recent Fruits de Mer goodie bag, fear not for we have assembled and despatched a search party tasked with hunting down the said errant disc. So to kind of make up for our lack of organisation and other failings, here’s a spot of out-there woozy weirdness from these psychedeklic alchemists, ripped from the soundtrack to Italian horror flick ‘the devil’s cupboaard’ this trailer features sounds so fractured and wired out in psychosis and disturbia as to have the sun turning in and in its place looming shadows forming long upon your listening space, psychedelic sorcery blues very much tuned to a youthful of arrowe hill grooving conjuring up a head-shrooming Barrett-esque bad juju arabesque.

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