aug stone and the love conspiracy

Your second helping of soft bodies groove comes courtesy of long time no see Aug Stone, indeed it has been a fair old while, here he is backed by the love conspiracy for a two track twirl around the dansette, admittedly not quite what we were expecting, the soul stomping briskness of ‘written in the stars’ – by ourreckoning the best side here – is sassily sown to a classic Motown echo that shimmies to old school Smokey and Jackie W, yet scratch a little deeper and a cool effervescent pop prowess shines threw to recall a youthful Lloyd Cole and Robert Lloyd and the New Four Seasons. That’s not to say that the lead out cut is a slouch for ‘don’t put a time on love’ has had us mildly irked for the fact that we can’t quite put our finger on what it reminds us of, its that pesky melodic phrasing at the start has had us dogged – I’m suspecting some Bacharach and David classic – ah well onwards as they say – this babe struts and slinks its way across a nifty doo-wopping 50’s bubble grooving – quite tasty all said, any questions?

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