With the trademark promise of ‘we’ll be back with this later in the week to review in full but for now this’ – look can we just say we’ll endeavour to pay a return visit to this collection at some point in the very near future, mind you just in case we do forget, the link is below so there’s no excuse for you – yes you – not getting busy with the tracklisting especially when sneaked in between the gathering roster of talent there’s this little gem twinkling from out of the groove lines. We refer to the track ‘portals’ by Neuroscepter that features on an excellent compilation put out by the Venus Aeon imprint entitled ‘elements Vol 2 – air’. This shy eyed frost tipped lunar carousel comes divinely twinkled in elegiac rushes of ethereal chorals and the deft delicate weep of twinkling motifs softly bathed in a sepia framing that give the impression of lulling vintage musical box ghost lights fanfaring amid the glinting pillow of a starry night sky, really is quite touching especially if your choice of listening poison happens to veer around fortdax and Discordia. Affectionately arresting stuff.

Elements Vol. 2 - Air cover art

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