absolutely no info on these cute pups but let’s be honest here isn’t this a bit of a dandy. In truth we ripped this off the sound cloud page, might already be out for all we know but its available through elephant stone who used to send stuff at one time or other, seems we’ve fallen off their mailer list. Enough of the grumbles though for the thing that’s causing no amount of fuss in the Sunday Experience dance parlour is this blistering babe from Seafang entitled ‘motorcycle song’ – a rollicking road ripping roustabout that pouts and scratches through a howling sonic cauldron that manages to freewheel and slipstream between euphoric dream dazed hazes and bliss kissed purrs to gritty post punk gouges with sublime and seductive ease, indelibly cut from the rarefied cloth of the Shangri-La’s and possessed of the bite of the Manhatten Love Suicides albeit after several sessions on a dragster track.

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