lee f cullen

plenty of Static Caravan action looming in the wings, a split label face-off with Fruits de Mer planned for Christmas, something by Tele:Funken, an album by the Memory Band and a limited lathe press from Duke St Workshop. Talking of Duke St. Workshop, Lee F Cullen from the band has an oldie but goodie unearthed and reappraised in the shape of ‘seasons of Julia’ which should shortly be treated to a long overdue pressing, an acid psych gem in waiting, arriving from what we can gather, from a pre Duke era – 2009 – or so the clues appear to indicate, all delicately weaved in sparsely toned spectral ghostings and etched upon a fracturing kaleidoscopic gothique that spirits away weaving the same kind of shadow forming tripping pathways as Paul Roland in an as were, mind morphing séance with Nick Nicely.

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