music to grow plants….

An interlude…..

Those of you with fairly longish memories may well recall us mentioning Mort Garson’s ‘plantasia’ some months ago, if I recall rightly prior to its remastered re-issue. Anyway it was all to do with plant sounds and melodies created with the aim of encouraging plant growth or something or other. Several years earlier Correli – Jacobs hit upon the same idea, their’s was the crafting of kitschy lounge sounds and summery serenaded easy listening rustic symphonies with oodles of flutes, all very polite and charming in a chocolate box seasoning type way and all scored with the the intermittent inclusion of annoying pierced whistling additions which by all accounts were deliberately placed at various points one suspects to wake the blighters up. Anyhow the set was called ‘music to grow plants – presented by Dr George Milstein’.

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