panoptique electrical

one of two imminent releases via Athens based sound in silence imprint (the other being from (ghost) which we’re currently immersed knee deep in both soul and mind cobbling words for a mention for in the coming days). For now though a strictly limited to 200 copies outing for Panoptique Electrical entitled ‘disappearing music for face’. Now there’s a fair amount of gushing about this from the label and rightly so, reference markers alluding to Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Hood and LaBradford are not unfounded or indeed lost on us. So while we try and twist arms in securing full downloads can we turn your earlobes ever so gently to the parting opus ‘smile fades forever’ – in short the finest seven minutes you’ll happily wish away without regret, call it majestic, monumental whatever, one that is not up for discussion or argument is the plain and simple truth of its elegance, poise and stateliness, a cinematic rapture pierced with a grace falling bitter sweet beauty both touching and bruised all countered upon a divinely tear stained slo-motion burn, a kind of lights fading end game teasingly ghosted in Vengelis murmurs.

Disappearing Music For Face cover art

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