mysterious music mix tape

It’s been years since we did one of these, gathered together following seeing a listing for Tom Dissevelt’s ‘electronic movements’ over the weekend which in turn had us rummaging around the old you tube for sounds both familiar and not so, of course as with these things some blighter always gets there first – the blighter on this occasion being Keith Fruits de Mer who posted the said track yesterday. Ah well, we do however suggest you find a quite spot and maybe three hours, some decent headphones and prepare to float off…..special mentions of course go to Pierre Dutour’s quite extraordinary ‘deer forest’ from a – would you believe – ’79 set likewise with the Alan Hawshaw piece – on the much sought after and ultra cool Bruton imprint while for the curios there’’s the quite kooky Bruce Hack sets from the late 60’s and early 70’s – very Raymond Scott meets Assembled Minds in their earlier incarnations….oh and there’s also some Delia and Daphne thrown in for good measure……

Pierre dutour ‘deer forest’

Alan hawshaw ‘saturn rings’

Brian bennett ‘image’

Electronic system ‘skylab’

Tom dissevelt ‘electronic movements’

 Bruce hack ‘the way out record for children’

Bruce hack ‘school for robots’

Paul beaver and Bernard l Krause ‘the nonesuch guide to electronic music’

Delia Derbyshire ‘dreams’

Daphne oram ‘electrobic sound patterns’

The roger webb sound ‘moon bird’

Midori Takada ‘through the looking glass’

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