Star Trek at 50

Captain’s log book – star date 08092016

Forgive for this moment of light relief, but today marks – as I’m sure you’ll know – the 50th anniversary of Star Trek’s first airing on TV. Many of a certain age will no doubt be going misty eyed with nostalgic fondness when recalling the original series, still the classic set up. Okay I’ll admit I was never too fond of the church of trekkie that followed and care even less for the spin offs that followed, but still upon hearing the initial opening twinkles of the original titles I’m immediately transported to my childhood, there in my regulation Spock boots peering through my Spock mask cut out from the back of a Corn Flakes box given away as part of a Star Trek campaign, getting that Spock mask was a mission in itself pestering my mum to check the backs of boxes to ensure I didn’t get my 5th Kirk or Bones cut out – I think I lived on corn flakes that winter. Anyway assembled here are a few clips in honour of Roddenberry’s first five-year mission tthat includes an extended montage of sounds from the series – warp drives, phasers, communicators, tricorders and of course the infamous swishing doors. There’s also a killer Saturday Night Live spoof with the classic Belushi, Chase and Ackroyd line up and the video to the surprise mid 80’s hit ‘star trekkin’’ which during one strange summer warp drived its way to the top spot, really – just how did that happen. Live long and prosper.     

Star trek ‘sounds’

theme variations

spock memories

star trek spoof

Star trekkin

Spizz energy ‘where’s captain kirk’

End credits…

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