klaus morlock

Hot off the presses as they say, new groove from Klaus Morlock here teamed up with the Hare and the Moon’s Grey Malkin for what is a most bewitching slice of ritual cosmic folk. The title track from the ’the virgin spring’ EP is quite something else, a 14-minute head trip into dream, fantasy and mystery that raises the bar considerably on the competition. Somewhat sub divided into three movements, the songcraft, playing and delivery is, believe you me, exceptional and breathtaking, its initial passages ghosted in a gloriously lush pastoral pageantry that beautifully swallow diving into the prettified courtship posies crafted by Nyman for Greenaway’s ‘the draughtman’s contrast’ whereupon a medieval jig flavours the listening space in a radiant lilting merriment which in truth strays far closer to Add N to X than you’d first imagine, not least the more regal moments found lurking on ‘add insult to injury’ notably ‘the regent is dead’ albeit as though sprayed by the timeless DNA of Circulus. All the time coursing throughout a mind morphing motif pulses away over which some stately toned monastic styled chamber folk recital hypno-grooves away imagining as were a meeting of musical minds between the north sea radio orchestra and bronnt industries kapital before reality calls and matters assume a more celestial serene as this tripped out journey head towards the end groove to a quite spiffing bonged out and mellowing Floydian mosaic. Stunning in short. https://klausmorlock.bandcamp.com/album/the-virgin-spring-ep

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