solar chaos

Following our falling over ourselves smitten by that rather spiffing Reptilians of Andromeda track ‘liar liar’ – ever wondered what the band used to sound like in a former life, well for starters they were called Solar Chaos, a combo described by Tolga as very ‘lo-fi home recordings’ who then went on to recommend our listening entry point be a track called ‘do you love drugs more than rock n’ roll’ which I must admit is certainly an appealing slice of hypno grooving ear candy providing an imaginary rough guide of a loop meets spacemen 3 love in resculptured by a frankly frazzled sounding Telescopes. However, that said, our affections were somewhat tweaked by the chemically cooled kaleidoscopia of ‘are you in a ho-le’ and more so by ‘magnetic circle’ which has a definite post punk era primitive electronic kosmiche attaching whose hypno grooving orbital carousel pulsars had us much in mind of those the palace of swords dudes.

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