valerie renay

Organisation is what we need at the Sunday Experience sonic shoe box, had we had it then right this moment I’d be able to lavish your headspace and feed your eager enquiring minds with news aplenty of happenings in the Valerie Renay sound camp. Alas we haven’t so you’ll just have make do with the sounds, sublime that they are. One half of noblesse oblige, a solo outing therefore, her other half you might recall stepped out of the ranks as one half of die wilde jagd and turned in arguably bureau b’s finest full length last year. Not to be outdone two cuts previewed here, ‘I’m everywhere’ and ‘living in Germany’ offer up to two contrasting sides to the Renay persona, the former a beautifully entrancing ghost light, a spectral noir smouldered siren call that purrs through shadowy apertures emitting mesmeric mantras softly ghosted in airless cosmic vapour trails upon which are the whisperings of tender seduction, all desirably enigmatic and stately. Far edgier and dare we say, more disconnected and fracturing, is ‘living in Germany’ a brooding dark hearted missive daubed in a sinister chill tipped post punked toning threaded and somewhat suffocated by a tensely sparse psych tinged paranoia vibing whose obvious reference markers are both throbbing gristle and suicide though scratch a little deeper and from out of the minimalist murmurs appears a Grace Jones / Siouxsie hybrid channeling heavily on XMal Deutchsland.   

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